How Can I Help?

Let’s face it, life can put a lot of stress on our bodies.  Whether you’ve been in a car accident, work in front of a computer all day, have children or another physically strenuous job, aches and pains develop over time.  And if we’re not careful, we can start to develop chronic lower back pain, tendinitis, neck and shoulder tension, or an overall decline in energy and motivation.  Bodywork by Denielle will help to alleviate the ailments specific to you through a full body, meridian based, lymphatic flow, deep tissue, therapeutic massage.


My Training & Technique

After graduating from UC Irvine in 2005, I moved to the Big Island of Hawaii seeking knowledge in alternative living and the healing arts.  Living in the Puna jungles, I learned how to farm and steward the land while studying with Reiki Masters. These first experiences of working with energy and the earth ignited a deep knowing and calling from within. My curiosity lead me to the beautiful Bay Area, where I sought out teachers focussed on bridging the energetic with the physical. There I began studying bodywork at both Diamond Light School of Massage and the Berkeley Acupressure Institute. With a well rounded understanding and approach to healing the body, spirit, and mind, I began a private practice in Marin County in 2009.

I’ve continued my education over the last decade through various instructors and modalities, which eventually lead me to finding my current mentor of 5 years, Tom Gordy. Working with interosseous fascia, fluid pressure and his specific theoretics  & comprehensive approach to the body, Tom is teaching me the art of Spinal Unwinding (… which has greatly benefitted my clients.  I’ve worked hard to surrounded myself with a community of bodyworkers to consult with and learn from. Likewise, my depth of knowledge grows with every client I work with.

My technique has been described as a deep, lymphatic, meridian-flow massage with focus on troubled areas.  The session in relaxing and rejuvenating, thorough and specific to your needs.  My clients tend to feel a lasting affect that helps them to thrive in their daily activities.

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Bring the Spa Experience to your Home

Your life is full and busy.  Allow me to come to you!

I’m available to travel to clients in California… the Bay Area, Orange County, Tahoe, Grass Valley, Sacramento, and Reno, Nevada.


Perfect for family-dynamic Couples Massage.

Great after a long day of work.

Even better on your day off.

Available for a 60-min session for $100, a 90-min session for $150, or a 120-min session for $200 (sliding-scale available).

Also available for bridal/baby showers, private parties, or office environment.

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What my clients are saying…

Sal Crivello– Financial Planner…

“I have been seeing Denielle regularly for 7+ years now. Her skills in healing have helped me preserve the ability to do all the physical activities I love: running, martial arts and swimming. Over the time we have spent together working on my well-being, Denielle has built an organic, holistic trust with my body that goes beyond something merely intellectual; it is natural, peaceful, calming and in essence soulful. She instinctively knows my body, my energy, my mechanics and is able to help me harmonize all three so I feel refreshed and rejuvenated after our sessions and for a breadth of time thereafter. I view Denielle not only as my therapist, but as my healer who cares genuinely about my whole being and my well being. She is responsive and adaptive always making sure to focus on areas I feel are important. She listens, wants to help and wants to heal and that is exactly what she has done and continues to do for me. Thank you, Denielle.”


Zoe Kosovic- Writer, Massage Therapist…

“Denielle creates and offers a radiant space of trust and surrender in which deep relaxation and profound healing occurs.”


Chris Peck- Musician, Guitar Teacher…

“A couple weeks ago, I hurt my back for the first time ever. Had to stay in bed or seated for a few days, and canceled several guitar lessons…It was gnarly! But I’m 85% better, and I owe at least half of that progress to Denielle Basom, a great massage therapist. She’s very perceptive about the human body and focused her work on the sacrum area, with a lot of gentle touch that seemed to reeducate my body. If you are in need of bodywork in Marin County, drop her a line!”


Dianne Zellers – CEO, The Marketing Machine…

“Denielle has helped me manage my lower back pain for many years and is simply part of my routine. Without her help my physical challenges would be much worse. Her nurturing and caring nature translates directly to my muscles, body and mind. It is always a true “healing” experience.”



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My inclination toward the holistic healing arts along with my comprehensive training have given me an open, in-depth and balanced approach to meet the ever-changing needs of my clients.

I love my work, and I can help.

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