My Training & Technique

After graduating from UC Irvine in 2006, I moved to the Big Island of Hawaii seeking knowledge in alternative living and the healing arts.  Living in the Puna jungles, I learned how to farm and steward the land while studying with Reiki Masters. These first experiences of working with energy and the earth ignited a deep knowing and calling from within. My curiosity lead me to the beautiful Bay Area, where I sought out teachers focussed on bridging the energetic with the physical. There I began studying bodywork at both Diamond Light School of Massage and the Berkeley Acupressure Institute. With a well rounded understanding and approach to healing the body, spirit, and mind, I began a private practice in Marin County in 2009.

I’ve continued my education over the last decade through various instructors and modalities, which eventually lead me to finding my current mentor of 5 years, Tom Gordy. Working with interosseous fascia, fluid pressure and his specific theoretics  & comprehensive approach to the body, Tom is teaching me the art of Spinal Unwinding (… which has greatly benefitted my clients.  I’ve worked hard to surrounded myself with a community of bodyworkers to consult with and learn from. Likewise, my depth of knowledge grows with every client I work with.

My technique has been described as a deep, lymphatic flow, meridian-based, energetically-clearing, therapeutic massage with focus on troubled areas and an overall goal of creating balance within the system.  The session is relaxing and rejuvenating, thorough, and specific to your needs.  My clients tend to feel a lasting affect that helps them to thrive in their daily activities.

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